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Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria

Non-governmental organizations legally registered on the territory of the Republic of Moldova are eligible to apply for funding.

The Foundation considers the following criteria when reviewing grant proposals: 

 Fit with Foundation goals

Does the project fit the program areas of the foundation?

Project Demand and Local Support

In what way does the initiative respond to the demands and needs that exist locally? What degree of local support and   commitment does the initiative have?


To what extent is the effort locally sustainable, both financially and operationally? Will the initiative result in sustainable and positive changes that continue over time?

Implementation Plan 

Is the strategy for achieving the goals of the initiative well developed and realistic? What barriers or risks might impede achievement of the stated goals? What steps will be taken to mitigate these risks? What external conditions are necessary for the project to succeed? 

Cost - effectiveness 

To what extent is the proposed effort cost-effective? Is this the most cost-effective approach to achieve the project goals? 


To what extent do participating individuals and organizations have the experience and qualifications needed to implement the project successfully and to manage grant funds?


What significant changes will the initiative produce among its beneficiaries? Has a realistic plan been developed to measure and report on these effects? What steps will be taken to incorporate these results into future decision-making?


To what extent does the effort leverage other resources, including contributions from other donors, project revenue and grantee in-kind contributions? 


To what extent does the proposal complement or build upon other initiatives in the region, including those supported by the East Europe Foundation?


First page  »  Grants  »  Eligibility Guidelines

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