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How to apply

General Information

East Europe Foundation is complementing its grants program with grant competitions, invited proposals, partnership grants and non-grant program activities.

Competitions are announced to the public, are open to any qualified applicant and usually result in more than one award.

Invited proposals are generally issued to one or more organizations that have been pre-screened by the Foundation and that meet certain requirements.

Partnership grants allow the Foundation to strengthen a local organization's knowledge or expertise in a particular field by linking it to an established organization experienced in the relevant field.

Non-grant program activities represent projects implemented directly by the Foundation.


What We Fund:

Our grants support our mission to strengthen civil society participation in governance and local community development.

  • Advancing the dialogue  between civil society and national/local governance
  • Supporting justice and anticorruption activities
  • Promoting European integration
  • Strengthening the process of political participation, transparency and inclusiveness of the electoral process
  • Enhancing media responsibility towards citizens as information consumers
  • Creating better opportunities for vulnerable groups through social enterprises
  • Encouraging youth participation in decision-making and local development through youth banks
  • Facilitating social inclusion of children with disabilities

What We Don't Fund:

  • Stand-alone sponsorships, award dinners, special events, sport competitions, athletic events, or tournaments
  • Direct services, including direct medical, specialty, or social services
  • Subsidies to individuals for insurance coverage
  • Capital construction
  • Television or film production
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Political causes, candidates, organizations, or campaigns



How to apply

Step 1: Choose a Funding Opportunity

See What We Fund.

Step 2: Check Eligibility

Make sure your organization meets our Grant-Making Criteria and Eligibility Criteria.

Step 3: Submit a Letter of Inquiry/Project Proposal

If eligible, submit a short Inquiry Letter or an Application Form and Budget Template for a Project proposal. Inquiries/proposals may be submitted in any language. Proposals submitted in a language other than English, Russian or Romanian must be accompanied by an English, Russian or Romanian translation. Proposals can be sent via post, fax, email or delivered in-person to EEF office. Electronic submissions should be sent to

Step 4: Foundation Review

Within 90 days, we will either: (1) request a full proposal in case of Inquiries, (2) ask for additional information, or (3) send notification that we are unable to fund the project.

Step 5: Additional information and pre-award site-visit

If project proposal will fit Foundations’ priorities, additional information is required and a pre-award site-visit is performed.

Step 6: Project proposal recommended for funding

Proposals recommended for funding are reviewed by the Advisory Board/Experts Panel and if approved, the procedure of grant awarding takes place.

First page  »  Grants  »  How to apply

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