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“Civil Society to Monitor and Contribute to Transparency and Anti-Corruption Policies in Moldova” Project

EEF-M conducts a series of activities to assist civil society in the fight against corruption.
In this context, East Europe Foundation has launched the project “Civil Society to Monitor and Contribute to Transparency and Anti-Corruption Policies in Moldova” supported by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).


The project is supporting the participation of corruption-focused activists in developing and monitoring the national anti-corruption policies using exchange of information and expertise with the government agencies responsible for preventing and fighting corruption. The main assistance is offered to the secretariat of the Anti-Corruption Alliance (ACA), formed by 30 CSOs and will ensure the presence of civil society in the working group for monitoring the 2011-2015 National Anti-Corruption Strategy and in anti-corruption policies development processes.


The project includes a public call for proposal to support local anti-corruption initiatives in 10 districts of Moldova; a dialogue between civil society and the government maintained by working meetings with top level and technical public officers responsible for anticorruption.

 The Alliance will consolidate its mid—term strategic plan and will come with policy recommendations using joint advocacy campaigns and publications. In addition, the capacities of local anti-corruption CSOs and media will be developed.


The project will result in an effective nationwide network of CSOs engaged in anti-corruption activities to ensure coordinated public oversight and efficient implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS). The project  will increase the efforts by local civil society actors and local media to prevent corruption and will consolidate and institutionalize the cooperation between the anti-corruption agencies and civil society.

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First page  »  Closed Projects  »  Anti-Corruption

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