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Building bridges
Building Bridges between NGOs, Business Associations and Media from Moldova, including Transnistrian Region, Ukraine and Russia
On September 19, 2012, East Europe Foundation – Moldova (EEF-M) has signed a contract with European Union Delegation in Moldova and was awarded a grant for the project “Building bridges between NGOs, business associations and media from Moldova, Ukraine and Russia for conict prevention in Transnistria”. The Swedish and Danish Governments are co-financing the project. This project will support the cooperation between the actors from Moldova (including the Transnistrian region), Ukraine and Russia and will use a non-political approach to strengthen the relations between them.

The activities of the project will facilitate the implementation of the EU/Moldova Action Plan, thus contributing to the implementation of its objectives to support the active involvement of the civil society, to promote the democratic values and to respect the human rights in Transnistria and to consolidate the regional cooperation, especially with Ukraine in order to improve the dialogue with the Tansnistrian region. At the same time the action will support the EU/Russia priorities stated in the Common Space on External Security under EU/Russia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, referring to joint engagement of EU and Russia in strengthening stability, notably in regions adjacent to this two countries’ borders, namely in Transnistria. In this context, the involvement of the civil society’ actors from the Republic of Moldova (especially from the Transnistrian region), Ukraine and Russia and the creation of cooperation networks between NGOs, mass-media and businesses in the Transnistrian region will lead to mutual understanding by the participation of the non-governmental actors.

Project Goal:
This project aims to strengthen the role of civil society organizations and networks from Transnistria in the process of solving
community issues.
Project objectives:
- To boost the capacity of civil society organizations, business community and media in the region to meaningfully participate in
the process of solving problems at the local level.
- To strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations and networks in facilitating the peaceful conciliation of group interests and in creating social mechanisms of dialogue building.

The project foresees research activities, trainings, study visits and support of community development initiatives.
The project envisages the creation of a regional news portal that will collect and place non-political news from all the regions covered by the project.
Expected results:
The citizens from Transnistria will be active and able to respond to the community needs through local NGOs involvement.

Project partners:
1. New Eurasia Foundation ( Russian Federation)
2. East Europe Foundation (Ukraine)
3. European Partnership for Democracy (Belgium)
The total budget of the project: 1.137.513 Euro
European Union financial contribution: 910.010.40 Euro
This program is funded by the European Union and is co-funded by the Swedish Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

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First page  »  Closed Projects  »  Building bridges

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