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Promote Independence and Quality of Media Reporting

Program goal

This component seeks to provide media consumers with access to unbiased and diverse information. EEF will assist the Press Council to conduct advocacy campaigns in order to enlarge the number of Media who sign the Code of Ethics. EEF will further undertake efforts to expand coverage of information of public interest, which are perceived sensitive in the Moldovan society, such as diversity, gender equality and non-discrimination. In addition, EEF will empower ordinary citizens to claim their rights as information consumers through awareness campaigns.


As a result of a previous project implemented by EEF, a media self-regulatory mechanism was created and the new Code of Ethics was developed and signed by 88 media outlets. However, the promotion of this tool among general public and media consumers is of great importance.

Program Rationale

During the past 2 years Moldovan media market registered unprecedented development in both qualitative and quantitative sense. This positive phenomenon was made possible on one hand by strong support offered by donor institutions and on the other hand by significant investments from business community.

Important steps were made at the legislative level. The Parliament approved the Law on Freedom of Expression; amendments to the Electoral Law were made that clarified the regulation of media coverage during election campaigns. Reporters obtained a greater amount of public information because more officials started to comply with the Law on Access to Information, but compliance remains poor at local level.

Planned activities

Support will be offered to the Press Council (PC) to promote the self-regulatory mechanism among media consumers and to engage with similar institutions from the region. Promotion of media consumers’ rights, including use of PC platform will be supported. Additionally, assistance will be offered to develop innovative media products and projects. EEF will also contribute to building capacities of journalists in ethics and professional reporting.

EEF will support the Press Council to continue its work and enhance its reputation. Illustrative activities include a twinning program with countries that advanced significantly in this area, organization of training on media ethics and self-regulation, expert support in examination of complaints and advisory functions.

In order to scrutinize media biases in Moldova, EEF will closely cooperate with media monitoring CSOs. These will monitor several dimensions of media behavior, including respect of ethical standards, coverage of diversity.  In supporting innovative media outlets, EEF will seek to promote through its media partners the diversity and human rights as well as issues which are currently sensitive within the Moldovan society, such as non-discrimination, gender equality and freedom of conscience.

This program will be implemented during 2012-2016.

Media Reporting Program News
First page  »  Programs  »  Media reporting

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