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Community Mobilization for Local Development

Program goal

This program will work in 20 communities, including 3 from Transnistrian region, and will aim at strengthening the quality of governance and helping to address the most pressing development needs. EEF will build the capacities of at least 20 grass roots CSOs to conduct community mobilization initiatives, using the human rights principles of equality, non-discrimination, accountability, participation and transparency. EEF and its local partners will seek to motivate local and regional businesses to better respond to local issues and to become active players in local development initiatives.


The 2010 – 2014 Government Program envisages the Decentralization Reform as one of the key priorities and seeks further implementation of European standards in the functioning of the public administration. Based on these standards, within a pilot project in Soroca rayon, EEF supported the development and implementation of local governance assessment and participation tools. Using this experience and learned lessons, selected grantees will engage citizens in a process of assessing the quality of local governance, in order to determine local authorities to observe the democratic governance principles.

Program Rationale

Moldova is facing considerable challenges in fitting its governance processes with the requirements of democratic society: rule of law, accountability towards community constituents, citizen and group participation in local governance, including in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of public policies and decisions, transparency and client-oriented delivery of public services.

Despite the efforts to create a permissive environment for good governance, mainly by reforms in the legislation on elections, access to information and anti-corruption, there is a significant democratic deficit at the local level. Thus, local governance seems sometime disconnected from the needs of the communities.

Planned activities

Support will be offered to local civil society actors for the development of toolkits on local democratic governance, with a specific focus on transparency, community participation in the decision-making, integrity of the local authorities. Participating CSOs will have increased capacities for promoting changes in the behavior of male and female representatives of local authorities in order to generate active support for local policies promoting gender equality and for pilot projects enhancing transparent and accountable local governance.

At least 20 communities will be equipped with necessary tools for assessment of the transparency of local governance process, thus ensuring public participation in decision making, oversight of public expenditures and prevention of corrupt and ineffective decisions. The local democratic governance exercises will be placed under the scrutiny of the communities also by involving the local media in the monitoring process.

Using the human rights based approach, during the implementation process EEF will pay due consideration to several dimensions. Local authorities will be trained in the area of human rights, gender equality and democratic governance. In addition, EEF and local partners will carry out awareness raising activities in each targeted community in order to empower citizens to claim their rights. This component will also be implemented in the Transnistrian region, with a differentiated approach. Subsequently, EEF will support joint projects conducted in partnership between Moldovan and Transnistrian CSOs in cooperation with local authorities and businesses.

This program will be implemented during 2012-2016.

Community Mobilization Program News
First page  »  Programs  »  Community Mobilization

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