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Civil Society Oversight

Program goal

The program seeks to increase civil society engagement in policy formulation and implementation at national level. EEF will provide funding and expert support to CSO platforms that are promoting development of civil society, good governance and human rights.


During the last seven years EEF was actively engaged in building such strong citizen oversight platforms as the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections and the Anti-Corruption Alliance. EEF was also instrumental in supporting the National Participation Council, which is a tremendous mechanism for ensuring civil society participation in the formulation, and monitoring of key policy documents.

Program Rationale

Positive reforms cannot be implemented in a legitimate, accountable and inclusive way unless a vibrant civil society participates in the design, implementation and monitoring processes, scrutinizing government performance, articulating policy and accountability gaps and pushing for better responsiveness.

During last 3 years the Moldovan Government has shown great openness and demand for civil society input in the policy process. The role of the civil society thus shifted from being “part of the opposition” to the unusual and demanding role of co-author of the country’s development agenda. This unprecedented opportunity requires robust, but flexible instruments to allow timely and effective involvement of civil society in the hectic reform process.

Thus, EEF offers support to active and potential CSO coalitions and Think Tanks that are actively pursuing watchdog activities or/and are engaged with government in designing, implementing and evaluating key public policies;

Planned activities

Support will be provided to the country’s key civil society coalitions that are connected to the public policy process: from policy formulation to its implementation and monitoring. Such coalitions and platforms include, but are not limited to the National Participation Council (NPC), the National Council of NGOs, the Anti-Corruption Alliance, the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, Alliance of NGOs for the Social Protection of Children and Families and ProGen Alliance, which advocates for advancing gender equality in Moldova. In addition, EEF will facilitate the creation of ad-hoc issue-based civil society platforms and will support their internal communication and dialogue with relevant stakeholders.

Primarily, this program will support CSOs participation and oversight of policies and reforms in a number of key areas, including the Justice Sector Reform 2011-2016; Anticorruption Strategy 2011-2015; Civil Society Development Strategy 2012-2015; European integration, notably the “democratic package” of the visa liberalization and Moldova-EU Association Agreement; The program will also seek to support strengthening representation of women in the national parliament and in local decision making bodies.

In addition, EEF will offer grants to European Interactive Centers launched by the foundation during 2007-2009 as an instrument for promoting European Integration agenda in Moldova.

This program will be implemented during 2012-2014.

Civil Society Oversight Program News
First page  »  Programs  »  Civil Society Oversight

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