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Women in Politics

Enhancing Women’s Political Representation through improved capacity and enhanced support in Moldova 

The overall goal of the Project is to support the increased participation of women in politics and in the decision-making process by creating an environment conducive to their meaningful participation, and to support  capacity development of women before, during and after the elections at the central and local levels. It will also seek to promote increased public awareness of women’s contribution to political leadership. The proposed project will support the realization of women’s rights and commitments undertaken by the Government of Moldova.  

Project objectives / outcomes:

Outcome 1 – Legal frameworks and policies to advance women’s right to participate in decision making at national and local levels are reformed/adopted and implemented.

Outcome 2 – Gender equality advocates influence legal frameworks and policies to increase women’s leadership and political participation.

Project activities:

EEF will play a convening role to coordinate advocacy efforts of more than 50 non-governmental organizations at national and local levels. Expert support will be provided and advice on options for appropriate TSMs conducive to more inclusive electoral and political processes.

NGOs and their umbrella organizations will be one of the core organizations that will be supporting women to run for elections. Building on the on-going EEF’s work with NGO platforms, the action will assist them to have adequate policy and strategy with regards to their work in the field of Gender Equality. Thus, the Project will provide technical support to 4 umbrella organizations to review their by-laws, policies and action plans, make relevant adjustments, which will serve the long term basis for the organization to prioritize support to women. The beneficiary umbrella organizations are: the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, National Youth Council of Moldova, Network of Roma Organizations, NGO Alliance for Persons with Disabilities.

Small grants will be made available for these organizations to mobilize NGOs and Media to support women during the 2014 Parliamentary and 2015 Local Elections. In addition, In addition, EEF and project partners will work with these and other relevant umbrella organizations to build a large and active NGO platform for gender equality. This wide platform will serve as a solid, representative body which will, inter-alia, contribute to creating a critical mass of actors demanding gender equality, and contributing to breaking wrongful stereotypes about the roles of men and women in the Moldovan society. 

Exploring the local expertise of the Network of Roma Organizations and other members of umbrella organizations groups representing vulnerable persons (such as the National Youth Council, Alliance for Persons with Disabilities, local members of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections), specific efforts will be made to support women from Roma communities and other target groups to identify and develop their messages, which will be put forward to the political party leaders. Vulnerable women in at least 30 communities will directly benefit from training and assistance to articulate their needs and advocate for the improvement of their social, economic and political conditions. Vulnerable women from these localities will be encouraged to run as candidates in the local general elections through participatory nomination campaigns conducted in each community. In addition, empowered vulnerable women will be mobilized to join 5 regional women’s political clubs, which will be set up under this project in partnership with the NGO “Women’s Political Club 50/50”. The regional political clubs will also serve as platforms for training prospective women candidates in the elections and for sharing the experience of women who progressed in their political career.

Project partners:

The project is implemented in partnership with UN Women, UNDP Moldova and Partnership for Development Center. Within the project EEF will support civil society groups to begin a campaign to create the political conditions for necessary legal and policy reforms for adoption of appropriate TSM as one of the key entry points to generate the necessary public debate.

Total amount of the project is USD 359,000.

The project is supported by UN Women Moldova from the financial resources of the Swedish Government. 

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First page  »  Closed Projects  »  Women in Politics

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