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Have a question about our application process? A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is provided below.
 If you don’t find the answer to your particular question, please contact us:

How do organizations submit a proposal for a grant?

Please see How to Apply or submit directly an Application Form and Budget Template.


Which types of nonprofit organizations are eligible for a grant?

Non-governmental organizations legally registered on the territory of the Republic of Moldova are eligible to apply for funding.


Does the Foundation accept unsolicited requests?

Most EEF funding is by invitation and competitions, made through Foundation-led initiatives. Unsolicited requests for support are welcome for a limited number of funding opportunities.


Can I apply for Foundations’ sponsorship or fundraising for an event?

No. We do not fund stand-alone sponsorships or events.


If we have an active EEF grant, can we apply for a different EEF grant?

You may apply for multiple grants if the proposals are for two distinct projects. 


How much money does the Foundation award each year?

Annual amounts vary year to year. In average Foundation awards about $750,000.00 per year for grant activities.


Where does the Foundation’s money come from?

Please, see the list of EEF donors here.


What is the average size and duration of EEF grant?

Amounts awarded and time periods vary and depend on the scope and significance of the project. We have made awards ranging from $4,000.00 to $100,000.000, with time periods from three months to two years. Most grants run from six months to one year, and the average award amount is around $12,000.00. To view grants previously awarded, click here.


How many grants does EEF award each year?

Approximately 60 awards are made each year.


What are the most common reasons why a proposal is declined?

There are several reasons why the Foundation may decide to decline a proposal; however, some of the most commonly declined proposals are those that:

  • Do not fall within the program objectives outlined in the list of what we fund;
  • Do not meet our grant-making criteria;
  • Do not meet our standards of operational or programmatic effectiveness;
  • Do not fall under EEF available grant budget.


Are there formal application forms?

We require applicants to submit our standard format Application Form and Budget Template.


Can you share a copy of a successful proposal?

We do not share proposals as they are considered confidential documents.


What are your deadlines for receipt of proposals?

We accept Letters of Inquiry throughout the year via e-mail, post, fax or in-person. Organizations whose inquiries align most closely with funding objectives and the Foundations’ mission will be invited to submit a full proposal. In case of grant competition announcement a certain deadline is established.


How long does it take for a grant to be approved?

The entire grant-making process (from letter of inquiry submission, to request for a full proposal, to notification of funding decisions) can take up to six months, so please plan ahead.


What are the responsibilities of EEF grantees?

EEF grantees are required to submit regular analytical and financial reports to the Foundation that match EEF requirements and local legislation. Typically, reports are due every 3 months, although less frequent interim reports may be required. Final reports are a substantive record of activities conducted and products produced in all the period of a grant and a description of how goals in the approved grant were met both financially and programmatically.


How do I start an application?

After reviewing our grant-making and eligibility criteria, you may submit a letter of requirement/project proposal for competition.


First page  »  Grants  »  FAQ

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